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Qcitymetro.com exists to provide news and information relevant to the growing African American population that resides within the Charlotte, N.C., region.



Our goal is to be the undisputed source of news and information for Charlotte's African American population, notwithstanding income, education, social status or religious affiliation.



Accuracy. Excellence. Integrity. Innovation



Qcitymetro.com was founded in December 2008 by a veteran journalist. More than 200,000 unique users visited this website in 2011.

We are an online news partner with the Charlotte Observer. As such, we share a limited amount of content under our partnership agreement. The vast majority of the content we publish is generated by our team.

Qcitymetro is wholly owned by GlennOaks Media, LLC, which is registered with the N.C. secretary of state.



Glenn H. Burkins, Editor/Publisher/Founder: Glenn is a veteran journalist with nearly 30 years in the newspaper industry. He previously worked as deputy managing editor and business editor at the Charlotte Observer; labor and White House reporter at the Wall Street Journal; business columnist and Africa correspondent for the Philadelphia Inquirer; and business writer at the St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times. He covered the historic election of Nelson Mandela, the genocide in Rwanda and the 2005 Ebola outbreak in the former Zaire. Glenn is a native of McConnells, SC, and holds a degree in journalism from the University of South Carolina.

D. Barbara McWhite, Columnist: Barbara is a natural writer and storyteller.She has a talent for finding universal truths in everyday events and observations. Her "Speakeasy" column is published each Tuesday. Barbara grew up in York County, SC, and lives in Orange Park, Fla., with her husband and cat.


Professor Locs, Columnist: Locs, aka Charles Easley, is an educator who explores race, class, gender, sexuality, media and popular culture with humor and insight. His column is published each Wednesday. Click here to read his private blog.


Lindsay Pollard, Columnist: Lindsay has been a professional journalist since 2005, spending much of that time covering community news and copy editing. But she's always loved good music (and yeah, some really bad music) and arguing the merits of albums, lyrics and artists. She never misses an episode of “American Idol” curses the fact that MTV and BET don’t believe in playing videos anymore, except at 6 a.m. (Wack!) Her column is called "Lyrically Speaking."

Sondra EZ Hines, fitness writer: Sondra is an adjunct professor of health and wellness and is certified to teach group fitness and Zumba. Her column, "No More Excuses" appears monthly. Email: sondraezhines@yahoo.com.


Toni Baker-Tyson, Columnist : Toni, a self-described social butterfly, writes our weekly entertainment column, “On the Town With Toni.” She moved to Charlotte several years ago from New Jersey and set out to find out what there was to do in town. “I love being in the company of others who are passionate about what they do,” she says. “I also believe that you are never too old to seize the moment.” Look for Toni’s column each Thursday. Email her at toni@qcitymetro.com.


August 1, 2015
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