We Build Community: At Qcitymetro, it's not just a slogan. Everything we do is designed to bring people together and spotlight the very best. You've worked hard to build your business. Let us help you expand your brand.

Why offer this directory: We often get calls from readers asking us to recommend everything from dentists to restaurants to churches. Quite naturally, we hesitate. I hope this directory will allow small business owners in the Charlotte region to speak directly to our growing audience in a way we never could.

Visit the Directory: www.qcitymetro.com/directory

Got Questions: Call 704-442-1565.


1-Year Listing

For less than 81 cents per day, list your business in our directory for a full year. This includes a brief  description of your busines (1,000 characters) and a link to your website. You also may include a video.


1 Free Ad¹

20,000 page views for an ad on our website. (A page view occurs each time your ad is loaded onto a website page for viewing.) Your ad must measure 300x150 pixels, and Qcitymetro reserves the right to approve your ad.

Reduced Ad Rates

If you opt to purchase additional advertising with Qcitymetro while your business listing is in effect, you will get a 25% discount off our standard ad rates. This offer applies to online ads, email blasts and newsletter ads.


B2B Newsletter

Everyone who joins our Business Directory automatically will be signed up to receive our quarterly Small Business Newsletter, which will include helpful articles to grow your business as well as information on local networking events.


¹ Qcitymetro will not pay costs associated with producing your ad. Qcitymetro will work with you on the timing of your ad but cannot guarantee specific dates.