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Fighting on my knees

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Enough is enough! I am mad as heck at the recent comments by Rush Limbaugh regarding Michelle Obama’s recent trip with her daughters to Vail Colorado. His comments around her meal selection were insidiously laced with lies and venom.

To suggest that she lacks focus on health and wellness because she had a meal that included short ribs is outrageous. Limbaugh claimed that the first lady was not practicing what she preached. He suggested that she wanted everyone else to eat fruits and berries in her fight against childhood obesity, while she dined on a 1,500-calorie portion of ribs.

The chef and owner of the restaurant where the first lady and her girls dined confirmed that the selection was considered a healthy option, which included kale, with a calorie count closer to 450.

The slanderous rant did not stop at ribs, but went on to include disparaging remarks about her body shape and size. Limbaugh was quoted as saying, “Our first lady does not project the image of a woman you might see on the cover of the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated.” He topped off the venomous rant by suggesting that she would not make the Alex Rodriguez date list.

Limbaugh’s comments reek of much more than colorful commentary; they also betray an underlining stereotypical belief system.

It is not uncommon for a radio host, comedian or the like to take shots at public figures, but the subject matter, both in verbal commentary as well as in cartoons and caricatures, when dealing with the president and first lady feel pointed at the jugular.

My anger over these comments is topped only by my shock at the lack of public response. Laura Schlessinger lost a radio spot and Don Imus was suspended -- both as a result of distasteful comments. Why should Limbaugh be allowed to stay?

Have we allowed ourselves to accept the subliminal messages of racism? Yes, it’s politics, and you have to have thick skin; former President George W. Bush certainly had to, as he never really shook the references to his assumed lack of intelligence. But when the attacks are linked to things with racial undertones, it’s out of bounds for me.

This thing really had me riled. I was insulted at a level I had not faced in a long time. But I remembered that my fight was most powerful on my knees as I reflected on Proverbs 6:12-19, which includes the six things the Lord hates and the seven that He despises -- which include a false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up conflict in the community. My prayer as we head into the race of 2012 is that we commit to returning to civility and respect for the highest office in the land.
Tanya is an inspirational speaker and author living in Charlotte. Friend her on Facebook or email her at tw360you@aol.com.

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October 4, 2015
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