It is not over

You may be facing colossal trials right now, but thank God there’s no trial that catches Him by surprise. 

You cannot disappoint or fail God


Out of guilt, we sometimes attempt to separate ourselves from God — but that's not what God wants.

Laying your Isaac down

An "Isaac" is any person or thing that we need to release to God. Are you willing to offer and trust God with yours?

What's standing between you and your dreams?


As children, there were no limits to our imaginations. As we grow older, it seems, we trade in our dreams for responsibilities and expectations.

How much time do you spend with God?


In this week's Monday devotional, Ciara encourages believers to nurture a relationship with God that goes beyond simply going to church or seeking heavenly favors.

Believe in your dreams

Despite all the discouraging news that surrounds us, it’s time that we start believing in our dreams again. Remember, "we walk by faith, not by sight."

Eating some good ol’ solid food

Those who influenced our understanding of God provided us with "spiritual milk." But what happens when our relationship with God matures?

September 3, 2015
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