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Are blacks too promiscuous?

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Editor's Note: Two days ago, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control said that nearly half (48 percent) of all African American women between the ages of 14 and 49 are infected with genital herpes.

Mecklenburg Commissioner Bill James, who has a history of stirring the racial pot, quickly sent out an email blast labeling black Americans as “promiscuous.”

“Higher levels of promiscuous behavior result in higher levels of out of wedlock births, more poverty and therefore higher welfare payments...,” he wrote.

James’ email drew a sharp rebuttal from Willie Ratchford, director of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community Relations Committee.

“Bill, this is exactly how racist bullcrap gets out by the likes of you,” Ratchford began his retort.

Printed below is the email exchange that resulted between the two. The emails are printed in their entirety, with no grammatical, spelling or other fixes.

From Bill James:

Fully Cooked Frog

1/2 of African-Americans 14 to 49 in US have a STD (per CDC)

but hey ! (its genetic) ?

I sent the article below out on Twitter (meckcommish) and posted it to Facebook (meckcommish) several days ago but the level of danger to the public is high. The story is about a recent CDC report and the frankly preposterous attempts to explain away a high level of STD's among one segment of the population. I believe this article and its conclusions deserves its own e-newsletter from me.

There is a huge amount of 'politically correct' fear that runs through America, the media, newsrooms, and government press releases. This story is a good 'Example A' why the truth is not longer discussed rationally and because of this no workable solutions come from Government.

If you write an article that states a fact alone that presents a group in a bad light you will be blasted and called some pejorative term.

So here is the story. The realities are that 1 in 6 US citizens (16% of Americans 14 to 49) have Herpes (a sexually transmitted disease).

48% (roughly 1/2) of Blacks in the US 14 to 49 have herpes (over three times the rate for whites generally).

So since there is a clear implication that Blacks are being more promiscuous than other races and since that could be used as a stereotype the MSM writer adds this little fake gem:

"the increased rate of infection in blacks is not due to increased risk behavior but likely due to biological factors that make women more susceptible"

Horsehocky !

So, while 1/2 of an entire race in the US has an STD, the writers try and spin this medical (and moral) travesty to basically mean that they aren't more promiscuous but have 'bad genes'? What a crock (and what a slam against the other groups that don't have those STD rates and by extension were not as promiscuous or immoral).

How convenient to explain away bad behavior by saying 'my genes made me do it' or that 'my genes' caused a higher reporting level (the implication being that white Americans are just as randy and promiscuous, they just have 'better genes').

This is one good reason the public ignores the Main-stream-Media. They don't' trust the MSM's to really provide the truth or government to accept the truth and actually fix the problem.

So if 'genetics' does play a role would it account for over 3 times the rate of infection between white and black Americans 14 to 49?

No, and they know it. This is about trying to be politically 'correct'. This is about a fear that stating the facts and admitting a problem would be turned into a stereotype about Black promiscuity or angry protests from those who live to protest against anything they perceive to not be 'PC' for their cause.

The inability of a news organization to discuss this subject rationally is exactly why nothing ever gets done to fix the problem. You can't fix what you don't admit exists or when you try and claim that illicit liaisons aren't the cause or that all groups are infected equally or behave exactly the same.

Every time the subject of the rate of STD's, illegitimate births and other stats come up and it is clear that the problem is much larger in the Black community there are those that try to make excuses, call names or ignore the problem. To mention it is to then be subjected to harassment and name calling.

In the process the average guy and gal know ''whats up" and so the MSM has become irrelevant to any attempts to fix the problem. Come to think of it, government is also irrelevant because it doesn't require the problem be fixed - only that taxes be extracted for programs that pretend to address the problem (without mentioning it specifically).

When Government does put up money for programs they don't tailor the program to where the problem is worse because that would infer that the level of promiscuity is concentrated there. As a result - tons of money get wasted.

Blacks do not have 1/2 of their population (age 14 to 49) infected because they sat on a toilet seat and it is not wholly because of 'genetics' so those in positions of power including the clergy should stop pretending that the problem is the same in every race, culture or creed. It is a prevarication of monumental proportions that costs US taxpayers a ton of money. The problem is worse in the African-American community because there is more promiscuous behavior and it has to be fixed there and programs have to be tailor there.

So far, African-American ministers and others seem to have zero interest collectively fixing the problem but there are those brave souls that try.

I would also point out that when 1/2 of a group has STD's more than 1/2 are step'n out on their significant other (if they have one) because not all illicit liaisons result in STD's. What this means is that the 'behavior' of promiscuity among that group has become the dominate one, common place accepted behavior (as bad as that is).

Now why should I (or you care) what consenting adults do? Because these levels of STD's and higher levels of promiscuous behavior result in higher levels of out of wedlock births, more poverty and therefore higher welfare payments to take care of those innocent babies created by a system that is more interested in being PC than in solving the problem.

It is frankly unacceptable that something ravaging the US is basically ignored because folks all around it are so 'PC' they can't bring themselves to address it with specificity. We will wail about H1N1 and work ourselves into a frenzy about being vaccinated but ignore frank and direct talk on other communicable diseases (STD's) and work to stop the 'bad behavior' that creates the problem.

Of course, I can't mention the word 'moral' to denote bad behavior as to do so would indicate 'disapproval' of the behavior and in the world of PC'er - all behavior is a 'unique expression of cultural identity' and not to be diss'd.

Well, I do use the term immoral to denote my disapproval of both the immorality of the act of being promiscuous, the immorality of government's actions that refuse to accept reality, and the immorality of MSM's in trying to explain away what is occurring with a lie.

To me (in my 50's desire for a 'Leave it to Beaver' world) this is because the behavior of promiscuity creates a 'moral sewer' that damages the lives of children forced to be raised in that environment. To me, a child raised to believe that promiscuous behavior is 'ok' is child abuse.

We accept the unacceptable in America. We are the proverbial frog slowly boiling in a pot where the heat of immorality is slow turned up. In a few more years we will be fully cooked.

Commissioner Bill James (R, District 6)
Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners
600 East Fourth Street, 11th Floor
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center
Charlotte, North Carolina 28202


Ratchford responds:

Bill, this is exactly how racist bullcrap gets out by the likes of you. On the one hand you indicate that 48% of Blacks who are ages 14 to 49 have Herpes (an STD). Later, you then sneak in your racist lie to say that 50% of all African Americans have an STD (and I quote "So, while 1/2 of an entire race in the US has an STD").

Bill, please advise why you are putting out a lie that 20 million plus African Americans have an STD when you know that is not true.

You then further your racist behavior and lying by indicating that “So since there is a clear implication that Blacks are being more promiscuous than other races.” That too is a lie. African Americans are no more promiscuous than you or any other racial group in this country, including whites. While this might indicate that some African Americans do not practice safe sex, as other racial groups, including yours, may not, by no means does it mean that African Americans are any more promiscuous that other racial groups except in your mind – and we know why you feel that way, don’t we?

It is amazing to me that you seem to think that whites don’t engage in sex. If as you have stated, if 16% of all Americans have an STD (that would be 56,000,000) and approximately 9 million are African American (48% of 20 million who are aged 14-49) then who do you think the other 47,000,000 Americans who have an STD are?

Thanking you in advance for re-thinking your position. Bill you really do need to consider counseling for that racist streak you seem to have. It’s not healthy.


James responds:

Then why are ½ of Black women aged 14 to 49 infected?

The rate for whites is 12% overall and for Blacks over all is 39%.

There is such a truckload of denial about this it is frightening.

More insulting about this particular article was the statement that

"the increased rate of infection in blacks is not due to increased risk behavior but likely due to biological factors that make women more susceptible"


Women don’t get infected from sitting on a toilet seat and frankly the above statement by the reporter is absurd because the study talks about ‘women’ being at higher risk (both white and black) so there should be no preference given to either rate.

What is at issue is an attempt to excuse the immorality of one group by trying to claim that the other is more immoral than the CDC study shows.

In other words, whites are more ‘promiscuous’ but just aren’t showing up in the stats?

That is crap.

People are moral or immoral by their own choice.

Ratchford responds:

As I figured it would, this went straight over your head Bill. The question is why do you state that "So, while 1/2 of an entire race in the US has an STD" when you know that is a lie. The figures you quoted below points out your lie. Moreover, while your percentages may be correct it still does not change the fact that more whites in this country are engaging in the same behavior that you would seem to condemn Blacks for. So other than race, why are you not as alarmed about whites as you seem to be about Blacks – I believe it is simply because of race and the way you feel about African Americans. I am going to keep telling you what you have is not healthy and you need to get some help for it Bill.

Additionally, the stats you quote below does not mean that Blacks are more promiscuous than whites as you have indicated and again I believe you are putting that lie out there for racial reasons.

You really do need to apologize to Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s African American community and taxpayers for such blatant racism and dishonesty.



James responds:

Because I corrected the headline in the first e-mail with a second one. I got that headline wrong (the twitter and facebook however was correct).

That was why I sent you a second e-mail shortly thereafter with the corrected title.

I am alarmed because 50% of Black women 14 to 49 have a STD but only 12% of whites are.

Blacks are more promiscuous and you can rant and rave and protest all you want.

What isn’t going to happen is to leave the impression that somehow whites are more promiscuous when that isn’t the case.

I frankly don’t care who is upset. You don’t like the numbers – work to change them.


Ratchford responds:
Typical of the racist mindset – denial, denial, denial and a flat out refusal to admit your shortcomings and your lies.

Be blessed Bill and do yourself a favor and get some help. Please.



James responds:

I don’t need any help.

On the other hand, it seems that Black women 14 to 49 do.



Ratchford responds:

Would you also provide that same help to the 24,000,000 whites (based on your stats) who have an STD? If you don’t, then I may have to re-think your racism and ask what do you have against whites and why you don’t want to help them?


James responds:

I think everyone should be treated the same but the problem (the fire) burns the hottest in the black community.

That means that the STD money should be focused there and programs condemning promiscuous behavior should be tailor to each culture.

You can’t have a stable culture (Black white or otherwise) when morality is abandoned.

Yes, white folks have a problem but it is not as big a problem percentage wise.

Most white’s get married – most blacks to not.

The out of wedlock rate in Mecklenburg for Blacks (last I checked) was about 75% (3 of 4).

My problem is that black leaders sit there like lumps on a log and accept immorality (promiscuity) as though it is ‘ok’.

It isn’t OK and it never has been.

Jesse Jackson has a baby out of wedlock and everyone just smiles and accepts it.

Some role models.

Ratchford responds:

Thank you Bill you are getting closer to seeing and admitting the truth.

Bill: “I think everyone should be treated the same but the problem (the fire) burns the hottest in the black community.”

You are right, everyone should be treated the same and the problem you describe about STDs is not a Black problem, it’s not a White problem, it’s not a Latino problem, it is an American problem and we all need to be working together to fix it and not pointing fingers at any one group as you have.

Bill: “That means that the STD money should be focused there and programs condemning promiscuous behavior should be tailor to each culture.”

STD money should go equally to the 24,000,000 million Whites, the 9,000,000 million Blacks and the other 23 million citizens of our great nation, whoever they are, who have an STD. This is not an us versus them, it’s just an us (Black, White, Latino and all other racial and ethnic groups who make up our communities all across America). Once you understand and accept that then we can all work on this issue together. The only culture that should matter is American culture.

Bill: “You can’t have a stable culture (Black white or otherwise) when morality is abandoned.”

Absolutely agree that you can’t have a stable culture (Black, White, Latino, or otherwise) when morality is abandoned. It is my belief that morality is abandoned equally by all racial and ethnic groups in our country in the same way that all racial and ethnic groups embrace morality – no one group has a monopoly on it either way.

Bill: “Yes, white folks have a problem but it is not as big a problem percentage wise.”

Yes they do, white folks have a problem too – thank you for acknowledging that. Where you and I differ on this is that you prefer to look at percentages and I prefer to look at the actual numbers. Now if I took your position on this, I would be out there saying that of all the people who have an STD, the vast majority are White; however, for me that is not as important as the fact that we have approximately 56,000,000 people who may need our help and pointing fingers is not the way to help them. Or if I considered your position, I would say that since a majority of people with STDs are white then based on Bill’s logic I would have to assume that whites are more promiscuous and we both know that is not true. All racial groups are more likely than not equally promiscuous. Have you watched any of the TV commercials about “Girls Gone Wild.”

Bill: “Most white’s get married – most blacks to not.”

You are correct, most Whites do get married while some blacks may not. If my thinking was like yours, then I would counter by saying that more Whites than Blacks also get divorced. There is a reason that 50% of marriages in our country end in divorce and this too creates an unstable culture where morality is abandoned. Please tell me what is so moral about 50% of marriages ending in divorce and if it is Whites who are getting married as you state, then can we assume that it is Whites who are also getting divorced? How moral is that? I am being facetious here since we both know that no one racial group has a monopoly on good stable marriages. All of us are either good at it or we are bad at it. The rates run about the same despite race or ethnicity.

Bill: “The out of wedlock rate in Mecklenburg for Blacks (last I checked) was about 75% (3 of 4).”

I agree that this is a problem in the African-American community that needs our attention, including yours.

Bill: “My problem is that black leaders sit there like lumps on a log and accept immorality (promiscuity) as though it is ‘ok’.”

My problem is that some leaders like you think that promiscuity is only a problem in the black community when in fact it is a problem in all of our communities, Black, White, Latino and on and on. Bill, you have to stop pretending and giving Whites a pass for what you condemn other groups for. It is a problem with all of us, including people who look like you and me.

Bill said: Jesse Jackson has a baby out of wedlock and everyone just smiles and accepts it.

Yes, Jesse Jackson had a baby out of wedlock and so did John Edwards, and Strom Thurmond, and many white Hollywood celebrities and you and many whites and Blacks just smile and accept it. Over the past two years we had quite a few national republicans who engaged in immoral behavior by cheating on their wives and I was disappointed not to have heard one word of condemnation from you on their promiscuous and immoral behavior. Could it be because you really do give a pass to Whites who engage in such behavior?

Let me close Bill by saying that there is something called “intent versus impact.” While it may have been your intent to do or say one thing with all that you have said with this, the impact is that many in our community disagree with you for the simple reason that I have stated, you seem to want to give a pass to Whites and it causes some to think of you as a racist.

Hope that this made sense to you.

Be blessed my brother. I still love you because my faith commands that I do, despite your shortcomings.



James responds:

No, it is a MORAL problem and you can’t fix the STD problem without addressing immorality.

I have no problem ‘working’ to fix the problem. But the problem can’t be fixed by ignoring the underlying immorality or promiscuity.

The problem is bigger in the Black community. That community has MORE promiscuity. If there was a way to triple underline that point I would use it.

My 1/64th black heritage allows me to talk to you bro to bro. The ‘community’ needs to turn away from immorality.

Just admit it and we can move on trying to fix that immorality.

John Adams is correct (I previously sent you that quote):

"We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. . . . Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other".- John Adams - 2nd President of the US

Bottom line – When immorality is the new ‘normal’ – there is no ‘fix’.

Ratchford respond:

I am sorry Bill, but you will never ever convince me, not even in 1000 life times, that White people are more moral than Blacks or that Blacks are more promiscuous than Whites. If you really think that this is only a problem in the Black community, and not the White community as well, then you need to take that "plank" out of your eye. I hate that this may be bursting your bubble, but White people are not perfect as you would seem to indicate and they are afflicted with the same lapses of immorality as all other racial groups and they are just as promiscuous.

You do have a problem fixing the problem because your racism only allows you to see one part of it.

If there are almost twice as many Whites with STDs (again, based on your statistics) as there are Blacks, then from my perspective this is equally problematic in the White community; and since you have made the nexus from STDs to being promiscuous, then you have to conclude (based upon your logic) that this is also equally a problem in the White community. Now I know that you are an intelligent man and you get what i am saying and the soundness of it. Based on that, one can only assume that your position is based on race and that has to be because of your racism.

Earlier you said that you don't care what I think. So what else is new? That still doesn't change the fact that your beliefs on this are racist and I cannot separate the man from the beliefs. Moreover, you can put up that cavalier attitude that you don't care, but I know that you do; and as a result, your racism will continue to eat away at you like a cancer until you change your ways. It is not to late. You are still forgiveable.

What happened in your life that you are such a misreable person? I am going to keep telling you, its not healthy and I am happy to suggest someone who has the skills to help you get over this affliction. Whenever you are ready, just say so and I and others in this community can be there to help you with this. We both are old enough to have more years behind us than in front of us. Use your time to be a happy person Bill. Move away from the misery. I promise you, you will like what you see.

Well, enough of this for one night. i am turning in for some rest and suggest that you do also.

Have a good night Bill and a wonderful rest of the week.

Willie :o)

James responds:

Do you think you rolling out the ‘r’ word scares me or even effects me?

I don’t think that one group is any more moral over all BUT….

When it comes to promiscuity my black brother……..you know who wins.

Why – don’t care.

What to do about it – go ask black ministers.

What I care about is fixing it so that there aren’t another 1,200 black babies born out of wedlock.

Babies that will be raised to believe that promiscuity is acceptable.

I said (and it was reported in the Charlotte Post 5 to 7 years ago) that ‘Blacks thought monogamy was some sort of wood’.

I was way right there Willie.

I don’t care if you think I am a racist (or any particular term). It doesn’t keep me up at night.

What does keep me up at night however is that ½ of black women 14 to 49 have an STD (a communicable disease).

Think about that Willie – ½ of Black women of child bearing years are infected and disease ridden.

You aren’t worried about that but you are worried I am disclosing it and that my disclosure is harsh?

Where are your priorities bro.

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