Hope among the Democrat's ashes


If the American electorate were a blind date, she would not be the kind of girl I’d take home to mom.

In 2006, she abandoned the Republicans and handed the House and Senate to Democrats. Two years later, she gave the Dems a bigger margin, even sending Illinois Sen. Barack Obama to the White House. Now it is 2010, and it’s back to the GOP – well, kinda.

I’m not one to rain on another man’s parade, but Republicans probably shouldn’t get too comfy with this fickle lover; she still hasn’t found the man of her dreams.

As GOP pollster Bill McInturff said in today's Washington Post, voters "are going to keep throwing people out until they get it right."

Here are five reasons why the GOP should be sober in victory:


Don't go to the polls uninformed


The Charlotte Observer's online voters guide offers background on every candidate running for office -- including those in the nonpartisan judicial races.


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