About Glenn Burkins

I have a friend who hates to be asked at parties or social gatherings what he does for a living.

He believes people use that question to make lazy assessments of one another. So, his standard reply is, “I’m a garbage man.”

I can only imagine the astonished looks he must get.

On some level, I think my friend is right. We sometimes do place too much emphasis on the superficial -– zip codes, job titles, academic degrees, fraternities, sororities, colleges.

Here in the Qcity, we even size up one another based on what churches we attend.

How sorry is that?

So, for the purposes of this intro, I’ll skip the formalities. If you want to know my journalism pedigree, you can find it here.

I’ll use this space, instead, to talk about some of my core beliefs. They form the basis of who I am and are the guiding principles behind Qcitymetro.com. In the end, they say far more about me than a resume ever can.

I believe that…

A higher being created heaven and earth.

There is dignity and worth in every human.

Fear is a thing to be conquered, even at the risk of failure.

The black man has gotten a raw deal in this country and on this globe.

It’s time to stop whining about it.

Hard work builds character and disciplines the mind.

Too many black men have failed their families.

Too many black churches have failed their congregants.

Racism is less pervasive than some would have us believe.

Racism is more pervasive than some will admit.

“The moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

If we are waiting for government to save us we are lost.

The power to transform black America rests in our collective determination.